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Vitamin Manufacturer

offering 300+ Formulas available for Private Label. Nutra Group® is “YOUR BEST” USA Based Vitamin manufacturer to help grow your Private Label Vitamin Business!

FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $500 within the USA

When looking for a complete turn key vitamin manufacturer, Nutra Group® offer’s more of the “HOTTEST SELLING”  300 in stock products then any other vitamin manufacturer and provides FREE shipping*Within The Continental United States.

Lead times as little as 7-10 business days for in stock formulas

Need a product fast? Choose from over 50 pre designed label templates or let us design a custom label to your exact specifications.

FDA Compliant Label Design and FREE label printing on every order

Did you know other vitamin manufacturers charge extra to print and apply your labels, OUR prices include this service at no additional charge? All pricing we provide when producing a private label supplement or vitamin is for a complete retail ready product, including your label being printed and applied to the stock packaging you select unless otherwise noted. *Label design service additional fee.

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When you choose Nutra Group® as your vitamin manufacturer,  you gain access to thousands of ingredients and over 300 stock formulas that are available for private label in Capsules, Soft-Gels, Caplets, Powders, Color Coated Tablets, and Effervescent Tablets . This allows our USA based dietary supplement company to provide you the most advanced formulas with shortest lead times, all at the lowest cost per milligram of any vitamin supplier or company manufacturing supplements.

Label Design

Many vitamin manufacturers specialize in just manufacturing of dietary supplements alone.  However at Nutra Group® we offer a complete turn-key solution for our partners by providing the most advanced formula’s available for private label, along with custom label design services .

With our extensive experience in the vitamin manufacturing industry, we’ve found that it’s incredibly important for you to partner with a supplier that has a true understanding of all the current FDA labeling compliance guidelines, rules and regulations associated with the label design associated that go along with manufacturing supplements.

The in house Nutra Group® design team will help your private label supplements stand out from the rest with a visually compulsive, detailed oriented custom label design that is sure to help increase sales.

Please click here to get started or to learn more about our custom label design services or see our 50+ pre-designed label templates that are available for your private label project.

Stock Formulas

To see our cataloge of over 300 stock formulas that are available for private label in detail, please visit our Products Page and click on the name of the formula for complete supplement facts, suggested use and other helpful information regarding the details of that specific formula.

You can also download our complete price list of all in stock formulas we offer with volume discounted pricing here.

Bulk Supplements

Not only do we offer Private label Supplements services. We can also supply your company wholesale supplements in bulk without any retail packaging for your business so you can save time, money and package yourself?

For additional details please visit our BULK Supplements Page to learn more.

Custom Supplements

Our knowledgeable Research and Development team will work with you every step of the way to create a custom supplement from the ground up or assist on improving your current existing formula.

With our team being involved in the research and development of many of the top industry trends, you can depend on Nutra Group® to produce an innovative, high-quality custom vitamin formula that is uniquely yours- thus is designed and formulated to stand out in today’s competitive domestic and international markets.

For additional information please visit our Custom Supplements Page and let’s see how your vision and our expertise can bring your custom formula to market.

Vitamin manufacturer

“The Private Label Experts”

About Nutra Group®

When looking for a vitamin manufacturer, Nutra Group® specializes in producing the largest range of 300+ in stock private label vitamins and supplements exclusive for your company’s branding. When you decide to partner with Nutra Group® you can rest assure that the custom formula we produce exclusive for your company or the stock formula(s) you choose to private label under YOUR company name and brand to sell on Amazon will be the most SAFE, ADVANCED, EFFECTIVE dietary supplements on the market.


Vitamin Manufacturer
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We Make Manufacturing Supplements For Your Business Our #1 Priority…

We look forward to working with you on your private label project, custom formula or assisting with any other questions you may have regarding the vitamin manufacturing  process.